Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Links and Photos

A compilation of pictures from various web pages to help you recognize what MRSA looks like. Click on links for more information.




Folliculitis, which is usually the result of a staph bacterial infection, is characterized by a red ring of scaled skin with yellow or green crusty centers. Here's a picture:

With staph infections, alopecia usually occurs around the lesions, usually in large tufts. If you see pinky width tufts of hair that "stick out" take a look closely and see if you see something similar to what you see above.


Jazz, 7 year female now made full recovery from serious mrsa skin infection contracted during a stay in boarding kennels.


Picture of cat with MRSA


Hedgehog with staph infection


Staph infection on skunk can be seen by clicking on link:


(Copyright prevents me from posting picture of skunk here.)_____________________________________________

Staph infection on dog



Staph infection on dog


Staph infections on dogs

"Yes, your pets can contract either form of MRSA from you or your veterinarian. You or your family can contract MRSA from your pet. Here are a few pictures of dogs with MRSA. It looks similar on most mammals."



Staph infection on dog's leg



"Use of antibiotics in hogs responsible for MRSA outbreaks in farm country?"


Bacterial Hypersensitivity to Staph Infections (dog)




Anonymous said...

i found your site doing a search on MRSA because my uncle in TURLOCK, CA (I believe this is just south of FRESNO) was just diagnosed with MRSA. He is an almond farmer, gets up with the sun and works in his orchard, then in bed by 9am, he doesn't go out much, never been sick a day in his life, never been to a hospital, and doesn't hang out in any "community settings." He basically lives the most simple of life. He's 72 years old and until now was really healthy (how many 72 year olds are healthy and strong physically enough to harvest their own almond ranches?).

Yet, a month ago he got MRSA and is still in the hospital today. They say it's under control.

But after reviewing the info on your site and the others about SanFran area and MRSA. I would have to conclude YES, THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON.

thank you so much for all your valuable info.

i couldn't help but notice all the references to FRESNO, CA.

There is definitely something not right going on in that area. I read about the possible (probable) cause with the sewer construction and it sounds like a good place to start.

Also, the use of the antibiotics in the pigs, very bad.

There is a thing called a ZAPPER, it uses electricity to kill bacteria and viruses and the great thing about it is it doesn't kill the good bacteria, only the bad ones.


Of course the medical profession will not recognize it, but I personally used it to rid myself of the EBV (epstein barr virus) when all else failed. I truly believe it would work with MRSA.

I'll check back in later after I find out more about my uncle and possible causes, but like I said, he's not in any of the risk groups for community MRSA nor the hospital MRSA so that leads me to believe it is possibily environmental.


Marla said...

MoniQue, I apologize for not responding sooner - I did not even see this until now!
Thank you for your note - I do look forward to hearing back from you. In the meantime, know that I am sorry about your uncle. An entire month in the hospital sounds very serious - thank God they have it under control.
I have another blog regarding airborne MRSA - have you looked at some of the links? This is a nightmare that continues to escalate - God help us all.
Your uncle is a lucky man to have you looking out for him - please let me know about his progress and again, thank you for taking the time to leave a message. Maybe others will see it and be able to offer some insight.